Our salon offers 3 levels of UV Bed tanning. A Premium level 1, Super level 2, and Stand Up level 3.

UV bed levels are based on bulb watts and maximum time allowed in the bed. For the fastest results, in less time, and all around best coverage, we recommend our level 3 Stand Up. 

The Stand Up allows you to escape the pressure points associated with lay down beds, and experience a more even tan. You also have a maximum of 11 minutes, so finding time to tan is much easier and enjoyable!

level 1 - PLATINUM

VIP Gold 3200 HO Series - 100W

20 minute MAX ; low pressure bed

Level 2 - super

VIP Gold 3200 VHO/HO Series - 160W

15 minute MAX ; low pressure bed

level 3 - stand up

VIP Gold SunUp Series - 160W Reflector

11 minute MAX ; low pressure bed